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Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth and Beard Health

by Nicky REFERSION Collaborator

Maybe you are one of them who probably seen ads in the magazines or live television show that a product promises faster hair growth. Different kinds of oils, pills, serums claimed to people grow their hair longer than ever. It has been used since ancient times, when you know the basics facts that essential for hair growth, you will be able to avoid scams. Pure black castor oil is widely used in soaps, perfumes, dyes to break fluids, waxes, hair solutions, and paints as well.

Types of Castor oil

Before choosing where to buy black castor oil, you must know the differences between the various types of oils available in the market.

  • Castor oil: By using the cold-pressed procedure with a pressing machine that is similar we used for juicing, the essential oil is extracted.
  • Black castor oil: First of all castor seeds are roasted, crushed, and boiled in water for pressing with a pressing device.
  • Jamaican castor oil: Extracting for this oil, seeds go for the roasted, crushed, and boiled in water process.

By using the special process, Jamaican black castor oil is extracted from Jamaican castor fresh beans of the castor plant that has been roasted, pounded, and boiled. Don't take it orally; it can be poisonous to your health.

It works as a remedy to support hair growth by ridding the scalp of damaging fungi and toxins. JBCO is another common name of this oil, during the process of roasting; it happens in the dark color due to the ash. The result of the entire process, we called Jamaican black castor oil. It has enriched with ricinoleic acid, antioxidants, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids.

  • Ricinoleic acid: It is a type of fatty acid that maintains the process of the blood circulation to the scalp as well as helps nutrients reach your hair and it is an essential natural solution for your hair growth.
  • Antioxidants: It is a panacea for hair stronger, gives a more structured, smoother, and less frizzy solution. It can prevent hair loss and count as one of the best treatments for alopecia.
  • Omega-6 and Omega-9: It is an essential fatty acid that quite necessary for human hair that moisturizes your hair.

How to determine the presence of this amazing oil?

Let's see how you can recognize the presence of this oil; it is a pale brown liquid that contains a bad taste and very strong obnoxious odor.

As we know that hair problem has been a common problem nowadays due to imbalanced diet, hectic life schedule, other climate change issue, inorganic food, and other issues. Baldness is a common problem after thirty, authentic Jamaican black castor oil can be a savior to prevent the regular hair loss and other hair problems. If you regularly use this oil, you can get the expected results.

We know very well that castor oil is present in the market in different variances, but Jamaican castor oil is the best in all.

Advantages of Authentic Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Let's see how it can work as a shield for your natural hair growth.

1. Do you know that there is a closed connection between your pure black castor oil and hair growth? By using it you can provide the essential nutrient to your hair that can be the main cause of hair grows longer, prevents the thicker problem, and makes shinier your hair. If you have no basic idea of how to use Jamaican black castor oil, I would like to guide you.

(a) First of all, make a combination of Jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil and add a few drops of essential oil.

(b) Take a small amount of this mixture and give a massage in a circular motion into roots and your scalp. You will find the result in the back that stimulated the blow flow in your scalp and lead to faster hair growth. If you can't do that yourself, you can take the help of your friend for giving the essential message in all areas of your head equally. Cover your head until two hours. After this certain time, wash your hair gently with shampoo and conditioner. Clean up any oil drippings with your towel.

2. Many of us face the dry hair problem, in the present scene, every gimmicky shampoo that claims to make nourish and moisturize hair, try to find the best solution that works to cope with this issue. Don't despair, pure black castor oil helps to overcome from dry hair issue, due to enrich omega-6 fatty acids, omega-9 and vitamin E in Castrol oil, you can expect the desire hair growth, softer texture.

3. This is a specially designed treatment for all your hair problems and prevents it in the future.

Does Jamaican castor oil help to grow a beard?

Don't show hurry, if you want to see the expected results, you can notice after 3 weeks of use, one of the major factors we must think that every individual skin & hormone level is different and speed of growth may vary from person to person.

There are some essential components exist in Jamaican castor oil that brings a positive impact on your beard such as:

  • Palmitic acid: Due to its softening property, it is an essential substance that works as a conductor and able to penetrate the skin easily that saturates the cell for hair growth.
  • Stearic acid: In nature, it is odorless, colorless, wax-like fatty acid that very helpful for hair condition and works as an emulsifying agent to protect the hair shaft without affecting the dulling or weighing it down.
  • Oleic acid: These are saturated fatty acids that are helpful to unblock pores on the scalp as well as works as a shield to prevent loss of moisture from the cells and promote regeneration. It does not control the water loss in your hair but also makes hair softer and more pliable.
  • Linolenic acid: It is an essential polyunsaturated acid that extracts from safflower oil, soybean oil, and sunflower oil and Jamaican castor oil. Linolenic acid works as a remedy for beard hair growth, skin regeneration. Dry hair and hair fall are the first steps of lacking linoleic acid because it gives a valuable contribution to the overall structure of the hair follicle. If you are facing the linoleic acid in your body for the beard growth that can lead to the issue of the essential amount of nutrients, you can use the Jamaican black castor oil.
  • Vitamins A and E complex: Vitamin A is counted as one of the essential antioxidants that promote natural lubricant secreted by the skin, which maintains your hair properly moisturized and lustrous. All the beard growth products contain essential vitamin A which is a major ingredient. The Jamaican black castor oil has enriched with essential vitamin A. If you rub the Jamaican black castor oil on your beard that will help you increase the blood circulation and prevent your beard from premature greying.

Some so many people face the beard split ends that make abnormal hair on the face and create a negative impact on your appearance. Experts recommend the essential complex vitamin E to get rid of this issue.

As we know that head shampoo does not work on your beards that can lead the cause of beard split ends. Jamaican black castor oil has enriched with essential vitamin E complex that works on smooth and moisturizes your beard hair.

Jamaican castor oil beard growth

Are you seeking an essential oil that can provide, you provide you the thickness of your beard? Jamaican castor oil beard growth has been used for an ancient time to improve hair.

There are various methods we use for beard growth, but Jamaican castor oil is one of the most effective solutions that can make facial hair thicker. Ricinoleic acid is a crucial fatty acid that is scientifically proven in the laboratory. PGD24 is the main cause of hair follicle miniaturization and reduces hair growth. If you could not find the expected beard result, you regularly use the castor oil for your beard; you can find the unexpected result for facial hair growth.

How to use integrate Jamaican castor oil beard growth

If you have the desire the grow your beard that realizes you a complete man, you must apply the Jamaican oil beard growth. Let's see how to use:

  1. Before going to bed you must wash your face with warm water and repeat this process.
  2. Just take a small amount of castor oil and rub the oil between your palms.
  3. Give a gentle, circular massage on your face.
  4. Give continues to massage at least 3 to 5 minutes for stimulating the blood circulation to hair follicles. If you have already a good beard, rub some Jamaican oil for preventing the dryness and split ends.
  5. Leave it for an overnight wash in the morning from the normal water.
  6. Apply this process from 2-5 times a week before sleep; you can get the expected results.

Where to buy black castor oil?

People make the wrong assumption when they could not get the expected results also. Searching for the pure, authentic Jamaican black castor oil is more important rather than waste time on fake products in the market.

There are many sellers active in the markets who claim to provide the purest quality castor oil, but I would like to recommend rooted treasure. It is one of the trusted names in the oil industry that deals with high quality Jamaican black castor oil. Being a fair trader of castor oil they produce the oil on a local farm.

They extract precious oil after many hours of rare process, during this process they follow the industry standard, and users enjoy the best quality beyond the expectations.

We ensure to our customers that our oil is 100% pure and not mixed with any other kinds of oils. For preserving its purity, we deal very carefully by using the hand-craft process and keep safe in the amber glass bottles. In the castor oil market, we are providing pure oil for a long time.

Black castor oil is not only oil for us it is our long year's hard work result that we are offering at a reasonable price. Our castor oil deals with all hair & beard problems without any side effects.

Regular use will give you an expected result in a few weeks. We have a limited stock of essential oils because our customers know the value of products. There are thousands of customers have gained the benefits of using our precious products.

Our main focus not making the money, we are spreading our legacy that gifted by our elders. In the present scenario, everyone has the desire to look beautiful and attractive. It can be done by using our essential oil. After using it and if you get a fruitful result, you can recommend the others also.

Overall, we have heard from many mouths that they spent a big part of their savings on the hair problem and want to diminish the curse of ugly hair. If you are tired of using all hair solutions, but still waiting for the expected result, buy our rich undiluted Jamaican black castor oil from rooted treasure.

If you are facing an unknown disease of hair, you should use at least our rich undiluted JBCO and see the difference.

We got so many positive reviews about our products from our customers; they shared their journey with us. We would like to assist you in the future. However, hair problem has been a common issue around the world due to various factors that affect our hair health.

By using our hair products you can promote the good health of your hair. Give more strength, prevent hair scalp issue, give necessary nutrients and minerals for hair & beard growth. If you are a victim of eyelashes and eyebrow growth issues, you can bring our essential oil.


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