Our Story

In Jamaica, many people made a living at local merchants markets and by traveling the island selling hand crafted creations. Growing up in Jamaica, our grandmother could not find work so she made a living by using the skills taught to her by her elders. Using her hands, she crafted various natural treasures such as Coco (chocolate), Black Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Honey and Molasses. She would sell her natural creations at the market and by traveling to tourist hangouts to share her creations. Our grandmother’s creations were naturally made in their purest form, therefore maintaining all the essential benefits found in natural oils. Due to advances in technology and changes of the like, the new generation has lost interest in the craft of their elders. However, our grandmother passed down the traditions she learned to her daughters and son. Today we bring to you traditionally made rich creations.

-Rooted Treasure
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Our Goal

The goal of Rooted Treasure is to revive the merchants market and provide jobs for many in Jamaica that cannot find jobs. The handcrafted traditions and hardworking spirit of our elders have not faded. We intend on growing the company through sales of our products. With company growth, more jobs will be created locally for the people of the community where our products are harvested and created as well as in our distribution area. The creation of more jobs will change the lives of people for the better.

It means the world to me to be able to share my grandmother’s traditions with you all. From the roots, a treasure is born. From my family to yours.

— S. Myers, Founder & CEO of Rooted Treasure