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What Sets Rooted Treasure Jamaican Black Castor Oil Apart?

by Sheldon Myers

When we started with our Rooted Treasure Jamaican Black Castor Oil we never knew that people would shower us with so much love. We were just trying to share our elder’s creations with other people to make them aware of what benefits it can get them. Now, we can proudly say that we have become successful in helping people with their problems and become their kind of favorite whenever they are looking for a solution for great hair.

Our Jamaican black castor oil has become quite popular among people for providing actual results for hair and skin. It helps in improving hair growth, treating dandruff, and moisturizing hair. Our JBCO contains so many nutrients and vitamins, it makes a great option for people who have struggled with issues like hair thinness and excessive shedding. A lot of our customers use our black castor oil for topical healing purposes. Our Jamaican black castor oil helps with eczema and other skin aliments.

Rooted Treasure’s Handcrafted Creation Process

At Rooted Treasure, we believe that it is our creation process that makes our Jamaican black castor oil stand out from the rest. We don’t interfere with the natural oils and let them be served to our customers for maximum benefits. Without giving a second thought, we can say that our oil is 100% pure and natural. We don’t mix it with our oils just for the sake of mass production.

Let’s take a look at what we do to prepare our best-selling Rooted Treasure Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

  • We harvest mature castor beans. Only the locally farmed Jamaican castor beans are used to prepare our oil.
  • These beans are washed to remove any kind of dirt and bacteria from them.
  • They are dried naturally under the sun so that they retain all their goodness.
  • After the beans dry up completely, we roast them over an open fire for a dark roast.
  • After the beans are roasted properly, we grind them manually to form a paste.
  • The next we do is the extraction phase where we transfer this paste into boiling water.
  • The paste converts into oil in the boiling water and rises to the top. We separate oil and water and store oil in a separate pot where the oil is allowed to settle for a while.
  • We fill oil in the bottles once it has cooled down naturally.

Why Buy Rooted Treasure Jamaican Black Castor Oil?

For someone, who wishes to enjoy things in their purest forms, the Rooted Treasure Jamaican Black Castor Oil is definitely a must buy. We have taken lessons of purity from our grandmother and truly understand what castor oil in its natural form can do for our customers. What we do is entirely for our customers and we won’t ever think twice before going the extra mile for them. We promise to keep working harder and getting better with time.

Along with the production of Jamaican castor oil, we are also on our way to create job opportunities for our people who cannot find a job to support their families. We intend to expand our business with time so that we can become a reason of our community’s growth while delivering the best value to our customers.

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