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Our Rich Undiluted JBCO Is Proven to Grow Thick Full Beards

Rooted Treasure Beard Care

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About Our Black Gold

  • ​100% Pure. Rooted Treasure’s black castor oil stands out from other store brands because it is actually authentic. Our black castor oil is made directly in Jamaica using the traditional process of our elders, and it is not diluted for mass production.
  • ​You are receiving a bottle of pure Jamaican black castor oil. People often fly to Jamaica or ask someone traveling to Jamaica to to get some because the benefits are so substantial.
  • Rooted Treasure’s Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil is packaged in our NEW shatter-proof, recyclable, and BPA-free PET bottles.
  • Our Oil is extremely limited because it is handcrafted and undiluted. Because our customers know it’s the “real deal” they stock up because we often sell out fast.
  • There are no preservatives added and our oil is salt and hexane free.

How our Black Gold Benefits You

  • Prevents & helps many hair and scalp issues: Our organic Jamaican black castor oil prevents hair breakage, and helps with dandruff, eczema, and dry, itchy scalp.
  • Great for all hair and types:  Our Jamaican black castor oil works for all hair types, including natural, relaxed, and/or color-treated hair, as well as on facial hair such as mustaches and beards. 
  • Increases growth: Our Black Gold helps moisturize, and thicken hair, and it improves hair growth. Rooted Treasure’s Jamaican black castor oil is an excellent natural solution to promote hair growth.
  • Improves hair strength: The ricinoleic acid (also called omega-9 fatty acid) and omega-6 fatty acid in our Black Gold improves blood circulation to the scalp, which promotes hair growth. Our oil also nourishes the scalp and strengthens the hair roots, which is beneficial for treating thinning hair.
  • Eyelashes and eyebrow growth: Rooted Treasure’s Black Gold can help make your eyelashes and eyebrows grow longer, thicker, and darker. Our oil has anti fungal properties and is rich in Vitamin E.