Rooted Treasure’s Handcrafted Creation Process


Simple, it’s our purity and proven results. Our oil is 100% pure and not mixed with any other oil for mass production.

Our black castor oil is actually made directly in Jamaica from castor beans that are locally farmed. We do not dilute or mass produce our oil; it is carefully hand-crafted and placed in amber glass bottles to preserve its purity.

Here are the steps of our Traditional Handcrafted Creation Process:

  1. The mature Castor beans are harvested
  2. Then washed to get rid of dirt or bacteria
  3. Then placed in the sun to be naturally dried
  4. After dried we then roast our beans over an open fire until it becomes a dark roast
  5. Once we finish roasting we then manually grind the beans until it turns into paste
  6. We then go into the extraction phase where we transfer the paste into boiling water
  7. Once in the boiling water the paste transforms to oil. The oil will rise to the top of the water. We then skim (take out the oil from the top of the water) and transfer the oil into a separate pot
  8. Once in the separate pot we leave the oil to settle
  9. Once settled and left to naturally cool we then bottle the oil
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